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Food is the corner stone of every society. How far will digital bring us, and what will be the impact on retail, consumer brands, and..consumers, of this fast changing world.

If people -consumers- are yet facing difficulties adapting to the speed of change, how does the rest of our value chain adapt: raw materials, animals, crop,...
You will learn how economical models, trends, but also consumers and retailers will drive sense and thus value into retail 3.0

DEBATE WITH THE CEO'S OF OUR MOST IMPORTANT ASSOCIATIONS: FEVIA (food industry), BOERENBOND (agriculture association) and COMEOS (retail association)

subjects: food, retail, digital, A.I, sustainability, brands, retail, margin, trends.

17h30: Welcome
18h30: Debate
             Sonja de Becker, Présidente du Boerenbond
             Dominique Michel, CEO Comeos
             Bart Buysse, General Manager Fevia
20h00: Networking drink & Walking Dinner
22h00: End

Château de Bouchout