Uberization of the retail & consumer business, a threat or an opportunity for your business? How will this groundbreaking phenomenon affect
the Belgian retail and brand industry? And which part will you play in these digital transformations ? Christophe Charlot, journalist for
Trends-Tendances and closely involved in the sharing economy, as well as a first-rate panel of experts will share their view and expertise on this matter.

17:30   Welcome
18:00   The Sharing Economy, Thibaut De Norre - Director The Cube
18:15   “Uberize Me. L’économie collaborative - entre promesses et mensonges.” : Christophe Charlot, Trends / Tendances
18:45   Round table:
             Dirk Van Ham, Corporate Relations Director - Diageo
             Hans Robben, Business Incubation Manager - bringr
             Jo De Lange, Digital & E-Commerce Director - Carrefour
             Mathieu Gillet, CFO - Menu Next Door
             Mathieu de Lophem, Country Manager - Deliveroo
             Philippe Depautex, Omnichannel Director - Media Markt / Saturn
19:05   Q&A
19:15   Network cocktails & bites

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Gondola Building