This new generation will disrupt the Belgian retail & consumer goods!
Who are those top players, what is their goal? are they going to disrupt your company?
Whould you fight them, work with them, or learn from tem?
On 29/03 you will have a major experience with the best representatives of the generation of tomorrow.

Carrefour and Colruyt confirmed their presence and will start the debate!

Dirk Depoorter
Retail Partners Colruyt group
General Manager

Geoffroy Gersdorff
Carrefour Belgium
General Secretary

Alexis Descampe, Färm
Agnès, Antoine & Alexandre, founders Simone à soif!
Michel de Rovira, founder Michel & Augustin
Stefan Van Overbeke, founder Beedrop
Patrick Leysen , founder Parcify
Jeroen Spitaels, Co-founder Mealhero
Steven Beckers, Co-founder Nood
Stephan Bosman, Co-Founder/CEO Stockon

17h00:    Welcome
18h00:    Conference & Debate
20h00:    Networking drink & Walking dinner
22h00:    End

Château de Bouchout